“When’s a time you had to be brave?”  “Staying sane and not allowing myself to become institutionalized. I did eight years in prison. They had my body, but that didn’t have my mind. I didn’t become a victim of the things that go on in there. When I was released, I wasn’t into my past life anymore. I was conscious that if I went back to that lifestyle, it was only gonna lead me back to prison. When I was incarcerated, I would think about wanting to live life and I couldn’t. Now I’m enjoying my freedom and trying to create a better future.”  “Was there something you wish you had that you didn’t that changed the course of your life?”   “If my father was a father. Without any father support and my mom working to keep a roof over our head and provide, there was only so much she could do. Having this picnic here today, that’s something my father didn’t do. So, you’ve got to break the cycle.”