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Celina della Croce

Volunteer Editor - http://celinadellacroce.wixsite.com/photography

Celina has been collaborating with HOSTL as a story editor and assistant storyteller since August, 2016. Her background is in community and labor organizing to fight for workers’ rights and racial justice. She views storytelling as a platform to give a voice to everyday people, bridge divides, and foster empathy across communities. She has a passion for photography and has photographed strikes and direct actions with the Fight for 15 and SEIU. Last year, she collaborated with a local immigrants rights organization to showcase a series on peasant farmer activists with the Vía Campesina in Argentina. She currently works for Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, a research institute that works with social movements in the Global South to stimulate debate and further the interests of working people on a global scale.