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Penina Acayo Laker

Logo Designer -

Penina is a designer and educator whose practice and research is centered around topics that utilize a human-centered approach to solving social problems, locally and internationally. By utilizing design research methodologies within the design process, she develops innovative solutions to complex real-world problems. She has collaborated on an award-winning project that used simplified iconography to communicate ailments associated with the spread, prevention, and treatment of malaria in Kibera, Kenya. She is also interested in broadening the scope and access of design education to young people in the developing world through facilitating workshops that equip young people in Uganda with skills in design and creative problem-solving strategies. Laker earned an MFA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University and a BA in Art from Goshen College. She is an Assistant Professor of communication design at Washington University in St. Louis. Penina Acayo Laker is designing the first logo for Humans of St. Louis to be used for brand identity, marketing, and advertising on social media, in print, and for the book publication.