Humans of St. Louis (HOSTL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that shares first-person stories and photographic portraits, featuring people and places throughout St. Louis.

HOSTL gives over 95,000 Facebook and 20,000 Instagram followers an intimate look into the lives and struggles of the people of St. Louis, one photo and story at a time. It is the second most popular “Humans of” site in the U.S. after Humans of New York.

Stories highlight areas of economic growth, philanthropy, and small businesses. They also address race, racial equity, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, community, family, youth, aging, health, disease, education, discrimination, homelessness, poverty, cultural awareness, and more. The project is intentionally grounded in social work, public health, and documentary photography.

we're making a book

As St. Louis’s story continues to be written, we want to take a snapshot of the past 5 years the way that we always have — one photo and story at a time. Typically, the Humans of St. Louis posts only get a day of playtime on the page. But the stories are still relevant and timely and enjoyed by so many.

So we’re making a book! We’re self-publishing, and we’re keeping it local, from the stories to the team of creatives, from the printer to the distributor. And we’d like to invite you to join us to make something truly unique of, by, and for St. Louis!

This curated hardcover book of over 250 first-person portraits and stories about St. Louisans will feature stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds, interlace historical context unique to St. Louis and reveal factual contemporary social issues relevant to the thematic objectives of the stories.  

THANK YOU for believing in the idea and for backing the campaign:

We’re still fundraising to reach our overall budget, please join us by pre-ordering or donating.

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Humans of St. Louis, one photo and story at a time. 


We’re grateful to the following individuals and organizations who have generously contributed during the Kickstarter campaign and will be acknowledged in the book.

Aarthi Arunachalam, Abby Dunner, Adam Bridwell, Adelaide Lancaster, Adrienne Drew, Akeiisa Coleman, Alex Bowman, Alex Gregory, Alex Blues Cusumano, Alexis Cossé, Alfonza Howard, Alicia, Alison Sieloff, Alive & Well STL, Amanda, Amie, Amy Cordes, Amy Murphy, Andrea Rodriguez, Andrew Alexander, Andrew Doty, Andy, Angela, Anna Shabsin, Anne, Anne Graff, Annie Rice, Antionette Carroll, April Gottschalk, Ashley, Ashley Burgy, Atongular (Angel) Donaldson, Avenue Restaurant, Baileys’ Range, Barbara Levin, Ben Kiel, Ben Triola, Ben Zunkeler, Bill Gogel, Brea McAnally, Brenda Samaniego, Brent Wagner, Brent Werner, Brian Connor, Brittany, Brooke Foster, Brooke Taylor Duckworth, Bryan Watson, Calla Goldberg, Carissa Dege, Carmen Pekny, Caroline Swift, Casey, Chantel Iwen, Charles P., Chris Althen, Christine Silvey, Christine Mladic Janney, Christopher, Christopher Hopkins, Christopher Limber, Christy Maxfield, Cody Minks, Cole Figus, Colleen Hogan, Courtney King, Cynthia Bunn, Dana Huth, Dana Wilkerson, Daniela Velázquez, David, David and Debbie Laitinen, Davier Rodriguez, Dawn McRae, De Andrea Nichols, Debbie Duggan, Deborah George, Derek Brown, Derlene Hirtz, Dewitt Campbell III, Diane Carr, Diane Wittling, Donna and Chloe Feoranzo, Douglas Sorenson, EatAnts, Edward Lawlor, Elaine Cha, Elisabeth Risch, Elizabeth Simons, Ellie Myers, Ellie Curran, Ellis Ballard, Elyssa, Emily Bornstein, Emma Klues, Emma Puls, Eric, Erick B., Erika Obrecht, Erin, Erinn Stamp, Essie Rochman, Expedition Subsahara, Gary Parker, Goodnight St. Louis/Skip To My Lou, LLC, Grace Kyung, Haley Strebler, Hannah Allee, Hassan Abdallah, Heidi Reckel, Hillary, I.G., Iben, Ingrid Weise, Jake Risk, James Donnelly, Janie Oliphant, Jasmine W., Jay Carter, Jean Corbett, Jeff Perkins, Jenna Voss, Jennie, Jennifer Leach, Jennifer Needels, Jennifer Schwarz, Jessica Hentoff, Jessica McCann, Jessica Payne, Jessica Post, Jim Napoli, Jin Sheen Yeoh, Joel Vanderheyden, Johanna Kato, John Carroll, Jonathan Leggs, Jonathan Moxey, Joyce Dieterly, Judy Williamson, Julie Sprehn, Justin Barr, Justin Honold, Justin Smith, Kaitlin Graff, Kama Brown, Karen Handelman, Karen Hoffman, Karen Goering, Kathleen Bucholz, Katie Bench, Katie Franke, Katie Meyer, Katie Weinkein, Kelly Kraemer, Kelly Briggs Peery, Kelsey Laitinen-Richter and Dan Richter, Kendra, Kerry Soraci, K Horn, Kim Johnson, Kimberly Singer, Kira Hudson Banks, Kristelle Aisaka, Kristen Allen, Kristiana Roe, Laine, Lara Gershman, Lee, Leslie Duling, Libby Mass, Lindsay Kruger, Lindy Drew-Tsang, Lisa Harper Chang, Lisanne Koral, Liza Farr, Lori Padberg, Lorien Carter, Lyda Krewson, Maddie Carson, Madeline, Madeline Siebum, Maggie, Maleeha Ahmad, Malfias, Marcia Coonrod, Margaret Faul, Mariella Mejia, Marina Gross, Marius Johnson-Malone, Marquisha Lawrence Scott, Mary Kauffman, Matt de Cesare, Matt Fernandez, Matt Jellinek, Matt Stolze, Matthew, Maya Vizvary, Meghan Winkelmann Woodlief, Melinda Bianchet, Melinda Green, Michelle, Michelle Exner, Michelle Miller, Michelle Witthaus, Michelle and Jamie Horton, Mila, Natalie Clay, Nichole Murphy, Nikki Groves, Nikki Spencer, Nikole Dougherty, Nathan Lucy, Patricia Godfrey, Paul, Paul Sorenson, Peni Acayo Laker, Phillip Hamer, Rachel, Rachel Aubuchon, Rachel Davis, RaeAnne Hsu, Ramir, Randall Jenkins, Raquita Henderson, Raul Cortes, Rebecca Leathers, Rebecca Marie, Rebecca Pursley, Reese Forbes, Rene Spencer Saller, Rhiannon Kaye, Richard D., Richard Weise, Robyn Dexter, Roxie Catts, Ruilong Hu, Ryan Spearman & Kelly Wells, Sandi Powell, Sarah, Sarah Gall, Saras Chung, Scott Hickox, Sean Milford, Sean Neuerburg, Sephiroth Gardner, Sherry Crittenden, The Slatin Family, Song Palmese, St. Louis Community Credit Union, Steffy McFarland, Stephanie Glaros, Stephanie Grise, Stephanie H, Stephanie Outhuse Sutton, Steve & Cassie Kirchner, Steven Harowitz, Steven Healey, STL Community Foundation, Sue Donze, Sue Ellen Colter, Susan, Susan Sordo, Sylvia Scheuler, Symone Johnson, Tabari Coleman, Tammi Cooks, Tammy Orahood, Tassy Hayden, Thomas Negovan, Tiffany Woodard, Tim, Tina B., Tony Howell, Tonya Elaine Edmond, Travis Sheridan, Trenton Paluczak, Vanessa Carroll-Schmidt, Vanessa Fabbre, Virginia Harold, Zachary Panter

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All my friends and neighbors are on HOSTL lately and it is just the best. Clearly HOSTL and I know how to spot ‘em! - Hannah S.

We need more of these sidewalk cafe discussions!! Get to know our neighbors, their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. - Terry G.

And this is how communities are built and changed, guys and dolls. - Julie O.