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Chris Ferrara

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Chris has contributed to HOSTL as a project planner, volunteer coordinator, and project manager. He brings many years of experience as a Project And Operations Director in businesses and non-profits. He has worked as an Operations Director at NAVTEQ, a global digital mapping firm, and is now focusing on entrepreneurial interests that combine location-based data and philanthropy. Accentuating his degree in Management from Purdue University, he led 15 disaster relief group trips to Joplin, MO, Moore, OK, and Tom’s River, NJ. Seeing another opportunity to organize volunteers, Chris’ involvement with HOSTL began through discerning an opportunity shown in a photostory about the Reese Family Renovation. His passion is to help see St. Louis grow by helping others value each other as they are. Chris helped program manage the book project for the first phase and plans to provide more assistance again towards the end of the project.